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The following guidelines are meant to help you understand our publishing policy:

About you

  • If you are a linguist, teacher, translator, editor or you have a passion for languages and would like to contribute with an article on this topic, then you might submit your articles.
  • You will have the possibility to fill in your details, with a short description about yourself and what you do; you can also add links to your own website or social media profiles.

About the article

  • The article needs to be 100% original and should have not less than 500 words
  • Please make sure that you own the copyright of the pictures or videos used; or that any work under Creative Commons is proper licensed
  • Our community is formed of language professionals (teachers, writers, translators, etc.) and students, so please have this in mind when writing the article
  • Please take time and edit & proofread the post; we strongly suggest to stay away from your article for a while and then check it again
  • Please create a logical article structure with headlines (if possible) to make readers’ life easier
  • Make sure the content is engaging, relevant and useful

How to submit

  • First, you need to sign-up to and complete you profile.
  • Then, please contact us (using the ‘contact’ link at the website) and inform us of your username and what topic are you going to be writing about.
  • Once we approve you, you will be able to start writing a ‘new post’ using our easy mode blogging system.
  • Your article finished, click ‘Submit for review’ and it will be published after it has been approved
  • Please fill in the bottom section, with a short description on what the article is about, choose a category to be published in and add a few relevant tags to make it easier for readers to find it
  • Don’t forget to check that your article is unique.

Future developments

  • Check the “My Articles” tab in your public Profile page ( username/profile/). Cool, isn’t it?! Soon all the writing is going to be done directly from your public Profile page! While you are there, upload a new picture and tell us more about yourself.
  • Are you interested in submitting your business to our directory? It is coming very soon.
  • Classified? Bookstore? They are all on the way.
  • Portfolio of projects, Job board, Event calendar? Coming soon.
  • Interested in moderating a discussion group? Join some of our groups and start be active.
  • And more, much more to come.